Stop Girl - U-KISS

If you would’ve told me that a portly, middle-aged comedic rapper with a ridic horse-riding dance routine would be the first K-pop act to have a bonafide smash in the U.S. (and be on the cusp of having the first top ten hit by a Korean artist on the Billboard charts), I would’ve ROR’d so hard in your face.  With the return of boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted, wouldn’t something like this be more appropriate?  U-KISS serves it all in this vidja - sleek black and white visuals, creepy smoldering gazes into the cam, LULZ-y posing, and impeccably synced choreography - all packaged within a super-slick urban pop confection.  And they don’t even mess up any of their English lyrics!  EUREKA.

I mean, honestly…when I listen to this, I can’t help but think U-KISS have arguably better vocals than those UK groups.  And the latter don’t even dance a lick.  Just sayin’.  


20 September 2012 ·

This Be Me