Up - Epik High (feat. Park Bom from 2NE1)

Although I’m still excited mortified something that Gangnam Style continues to blow up and that K-pop has reached somewhat global proportions, I wish some of the more “quality” tunes would get just half the promo - like this feel-good, hipster-hop power anthem from Epik High.  It has crossover appeal written all over it.  I mean, can’t you see a joint like this blowing up all over American radio if it were performed by say, Far East Movement featuring Rihanna?

P.S.  Big ups for the shout out to South Korean Olympic fencer Shin A-Lam towards the end of the MV.

19 October 2012 ·

I Am The Best - 2NE1

Amongst the sea of girl groups in K-pop, there is currently only one that really stands out for me.  All those other young Korean ladies seem to use the same recycled songs, trends, concepts, and lyrics.  A lot of the stuff is catchy, yes…but everything seems interchangeable.  It’s almost like it doesn’t matter who sings any particular track, replete with the same cutesy winky faces and/or pouty expressions while performing.

But these bishes right hurr are different.  They crafted a unique sound and style right from the get-go and haven’t deviated from it - from their distinct vocal stylings & syncopated rap flow down to their outlandishly hipster/tough-girl gear.   One thing K-pop struggles with is true originality, and 2NE1 is actually pushing the envelope a bit.

And, they’re getting recognized for it.  Only two days after the single dropped, it hit #1 on all 7 of Korea’s major digital music/social media/download sites.  GURL BOOM.

Kudos, chickas.  This ish is hot.

28 June 2011 ·

Clap Your Hands - 2NE1

All you wannabe K-pop girl groups, sit your azzes down.  The reigning queens have returned.

Some slickly-produced, hot, Hip-hoppity-R&B-dance-n-reggaeton for your Thursday.

9 September 2010 ·

This Be Me