GPOYW:  Can you picture me as Ray-Ray the Daddy?

GPOYW:  Can you picture me as Ray-Ray the Daddy?

23 February 2011 ·

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  1. notean replied:
  2. preciousdrunk answered: Yes, a sugah daddy!
  3. danielextra answered: Yes. let’s have children. :)
  4. jayouelioh answered: DILF.
  5. thedgadventures answered: awwww he’s so cute! and I can totally picture you as a daddy
  6. thispersonsleeps answered: rayray the nanny
  7. electricshambles answered: ahhhhh!!
  8. andydoesit answered: 2 things. First you know I’ve got to point out all the likes you’ve got and 2nd, why is the baby wearing a white glove?
  9. flight101 said: oh god my heart
  10. thepo said: I mean, someone’s baby daddy IS always named Ray-Ray
  11. thepo answered: I mean, someone
  12. kearasaidwhat answered: stop teasing the locals, Ray.
  13. izmcup answered: dawwwwwwwww papa rayray
  14. sdotmarymartha replied:
  15. choronda replied:
  16. wontonburritomeals said: Cute Adorable Beautiful I really like that elegant staircase in the back ;-p
  17. br7ndon answered: yessssssssssssss

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