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Slower - Brandy

I stan for Brandy; there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Fell in love watching her swingin’ on that swing set in I Wanna Be Down, bopped around in my imaginary puffy white suit with her in Baby, and lounged around on my bed while Sittin’ Up In My Room.  I own a physical copy (Who buys CDs nowadays LULZ??) of every one of her albums.

Bran-Bran has always had technically ridiculous chops, but after spinning Two Eleven for the past few days I can definitely say this is Ms. Norwood at her vocal peak.  The control she has over her emotive tone, timbre, and vibrato is unreal at this point.  She constantly slays with every crisp, cascading run she pulls (I mean, the one right after the first chorus [0:59] in this?  YAASSSSS!!) and the ethereal layering of her harmonies is a signature Brandy stamp I can never get enough of.

Best *real* R&B album of 2012, hands-down.

16 October 2012 ·

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